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I Won the Twitter Phishing Lottery!

Twitter PhishingHow does it feel to win the Twitter Phishing Lottery you ask? Pretty good, I must say. I'm one of "the very few 10 Lucky Winners"! I knew it was going to be good when I saw the Subject line: TWITTER CLAIM ALERT. How could I resist? I clicked. I had to.
And there it was. Some $US30 million. Sure, THAT particular dollar isn't what it used to be, but it may still amount to some good times if managed properly, perhaps with the help of a shrewd investment advisor, who knows! My head is spinning at the possibilities. Am I drooling a little? So what if I am! I won, you didn't! (or did you?)
In light of this glorious (and triumphant) news, I've just postponed my spending spree to reproduce this note to make my reader (that means you) green with envy:

From: Twitter Lotter Board [gloria@westnet.com.au]

Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 7:55 PM


Esteemed Winner,

We congratulate you.

We are pleased to notify you that you are amongst the very few 10 Lucky Winners whom where randomly selected in our 2011 Twitter Lottery Draw held on 6th of April, which your Winning is valued at 29,550,050 USD at the 2nd Jackpot category.

Be advised to immediately file in for claim with a valid evidence of identification for clarification so as to avoid a third party claim as we’ll not be accountable under such condition.

For claim, please contact your Twitter Claim Administrator (TCA).

Jenny Buss

Twitter Claim Administrator (TCA).

Email: jennytwitter@mail.az


Twitter Lottery Board (TLB).
Please, don't solicit charitable donations. I've already promised to split the cash with the last 4 Nigerian Princesses who wrote last week!
Note that in the absence of a replica of a legitimate site, this is technically just a spammy, fraudulent attempt at lazily reaching gullible folks.  And why not, since tons of contact email databases are hacked on a semi-regular basis? 

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