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What do Animated Robots Have to do With Cyberfraud at Christmas?

Precisely nothing. But I'm very glad you asked.
First, the robots. They're cute. they're festive. And you can replay the clip as many times as you want, for free (no, really!).
As for the cyberfraud bit, that's a different story. In years past, I published lists of predictions for the new year, chronicled notable events and published timely stories. This year I just have 3 quick points to make. 
First, whether you celebrate it or not, it's Christmas, and that means tons and tons of transactional volume. It is the ideal time for hackers and fraudsters that have been biding their time and sitting on unused, stolen credit card data (from the past year's ginormous breaches) to take advantage in a big way. So be vigilant.
Second, despite the freedom to shop naked by clicking from site to site, the vast majority of people still shops in actual bricks and mortar stores (I know, right?). Places like cash registers, ATMs, and busy, high traffic areas present opportunities for skimming cards. It's not cool, but it's happening en masse. Check for bulky card reading equipment and extra wiring, keep your distance from sketchy people (literally - they may have a wireless card skimmer in the bag they just grazed you with) and cover your PIN (pinhole cameras are still getting smaller).

Finally, for St.Nick's sake, don't always trust the obscure little online shops you find with unbeatable deals. They could be fly-by-night e-shops designed to take your credit card data and install seriously nasty malware on your computer. Avoid straying from the beaten path and keep your computer up to date with security software.

It all helps, though not as much as frequently exercising your common sense muscle. Whatever happens, do not let anything interfere with your enjoyment of this seasonal tradition. Don't be complacent, but remember, it's not the end of the world. If you do get hit with a phone scam, identity theft or some other financial fraud be sure to report it right away. It matters a lot.

We wish you and your family all the best for the holidays and in the new year! Here is a shareable link to those robots: http://Popa.ca/FestiveRobots  

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